About the KAC


Core Values of the Kentucky Arts Council


Working in partnership with organizations and individuals to deliver arts programs and services throughout the state, we ask that applicants and partners keep the following guiding values in mind when working with the Kentucky Arts Council:

Artists' Compensation

The Kentucky Arts Council believes that artists' time and work have real value, for which artists should be fairly compensated. In dealing with artists' creative services and works, we want to ensure that:


The Kentucky Arts Council believes that arts programs and services should be accessible to all people of the Commonwealth. We recognize that communities are not limited to geographic boundaries and may be defined by common factors such as occupation, recreation, religion, ethnicity, belief, etc., that are shared by a group of people. The members of these groups share a common culture and a sense of aesthetics. Their unique and diverse art forms bring people together and can promote positive intercultural relations among the state's various communities, including:

Preservation of Cultural Resources

The Kentucky Arts Council believes that the arts and cultural resources of Kentucky are key to understanding our heritage, and that honoring the past will help build our future. Recognizing that knowledge of our history will help build our future, we support identifying, documenting, conserving and protecting the cultural resources of the state, including:


The Kentucky Arts Council believes it is important for individuals and organizations to advocate for the arts and promote how they enhance our communities and our lives. We encourage our constituents to influence public policy by: