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Kentucky Arts Council recent press releases.


Arts E-News is a publication of the Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency in the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet that fosters environments for Kentuckians to value, participate in and benefit from the arts.


KyArtsCast is a podcast produced by the Kentucky Arts Council. You'll hear interviews with artists from across the state, learn about arts council programs and opportunities and explore other arts-related topics each month. Available to download or stream via iTunes, Google Podcast or Spotify.


Please take a moment to fill out a mailing request if you would like to be informed of arts opportunities, events and news relevant to Kentucky. If you are already receiving mail or electronic communications from the arts council, you may want to take this opportunity to update the information that pertains to your current address and interests.


Kentucky Arts Council staff will travel throughout the Commonwealth to present to groups of arts entrepreneurs and/or professionals in the creative industry. There is no fee for this service; however, each presentation requires an accessible meeting space and a core group of participants. Some presentations require additional amenities. Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask. Complete the request form, and someone from the arts council will contact you.


Page last updated: July 24, 2019
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