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Arts Council Accepting Applications for Kentucky Crafted Program

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 16, 2020) — When London soapmaker Amy Henson was a child, her mom took her to art and craft shows. She enjoyed seeing the artists with their creations on display in meticulously decorated booths.

“I thought it was the neatest thing because those people were making art with their hands,” she said.

As an adult, Henson began working on her own handmade products. Ten years ago, she went into business as Rock Bottom Soap, creating natural and organic soaps and other beauty products. In 2017, she was accepted into the Kentucky Crafted program.

Kentucky Crafted is an arts marketing program that provides assistance to visual and craft artists through networking, promotional and sales opportunities and business training. The Kentucky Arts Council is hoping to add more artists like Henson to the program and is accepting applications for Kentucky Crafted through Aug. 17.

“Kentucky Crafted artists enjoy more than just the right to use the Kentucky Crafted brand and be included in the Kentucky Crafted Directory,” said Dave Blevins, arts marketing director for the Kentucky Arts Council. “By adding the Kentucky Crafted brand to their own work, artists like Amy Henson have broadened the reach of their own brand through the recognition that comes with being Kentucky Crafted.”

Carrying the Kentucky Crafted brand is a symbol of artistic excellence in the commonwealth. Artists who use the brand have been adjudicated by an independent panel of professional artists and leaders within the arts and craft community. Among many other benefits and privileges, Kentucky Crafted artists become eligible to exhibit at the annual Kentucky Crafted Market.

Henson had visited The Market as a shopper before she ever applied to the program. She was impressed by the quality of the work on exhibit and knew she wanted to be a part of that family.

“It was so cool to be accepted to Kentucky Crafted like all those artists I looked up to,” Henson said. “It’s definitely been worth it. Being in the program helps your business. You get a different and higher level of recognition. It means you’re among the best of the best.”

In addition to exhibiting at The Kentucky Crafted Market, artists are eligible to apply for consultancies from the Kentucky Peer Advisory Network (KPAN). Artists may also use the Kentucky Crafted logo, will be included in the online directory of artists and can take advantage of cooperative advertising and exhibit opportunities.

For more information about the Kentucky Crafted program, contact David Blevins at or 502-892-3120.


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