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Kentucky Arts Partnership Grant


FY2019 Guidelines
Application Deadline: Jan. 16, 2018

The Kentucky Arts Council strongly encourages you to read and understand the Kentucky Arts Partnership guidelines before accessing the online application.

Like all programs of the arts council, the Kentucky Arts Partnership program is guided by the arts council's core values. Successful applications will embody these core values, and all applicants are strongly encouraged to read and reflect upon them before submitting an application.

Core Values of the Kentucky Arts Council

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Kentucky Arts Partnership Grant Program is to ensure year-round participation in the arts is available to the people of Kentucky by providing unrestricted operating support to arts organizations.


Who May Apply


Program Description

The Kentucky Arts Partnership Grant Program provides support for the operating costs of arts and cultural organizations whose primary mission is to provide year-round arts programming.

Performance Expectations

Applications will be assessed using the following performance expectations.

  1. Delivery (40%)
  1. Networking and Collaborations (30%)
  1. Diversity (15%)
  1. Value/Role of the Arts (15%)

You may wish to refer to the Panelist Assessment Sheet to better understand how your application will be evaluated.

Grant Amounts

The Kentucky Arts Partnership Grant Program funding formula will be based on the following:


Operating revenues for arts programs

$5,000,000 and more

$2,500,000 - $4,999,999

$1,000,000 - $2,499,999

$500,000 - $999,999

$100,000 - $499,999

 less than $100,000

Funding caps







The definition of operating revenues used to compute the funding formula includes the following:


Internal programs of academic institutions and state or other agencies supported primarily with state or federal funds are ineligible.

Kentucky Arts Partnership grant funds may not be used for the following purposes:

No arts council funds may be used to match another grant from the arts council. In addition, the same matching funds may not be used for more than one arts council grant. In some cases, arts council grants may be used to match National Endowment for the Arts or other federal grants; call staff for clarification before committing funds for such purposes. The arts council also reserves the right to make special stipulations on how specific grant funds may be spent.

Organizations that receive line-item funding through the Governor's Executive Budget are ineligible for Kentucky Arts Council operational support, up to the amount designated through line-item funding, in the same fiscal year for which the funding is to be received.

Program Timeline

Application deadline

Review of applications by panel

Arts council board reviews panel recommendations

Applicant notification

Use of grant funds may begin

Use of grant funds must conclude

Public Value Report due

Jan. 16, 2018

April - May 2018

June 2018

As soon as possible after board approval of panel recommendations

July 1, 2018

June 30, 2019

July 30, 2019

Program Support

The arts council staff will offer the following support to ensure program standards and goals are met:

Application Deadline

Completed applications must be postmarked by Jan. 16, 2018, or hand-delivered to the Kentucky Arts Council no later than 4:30 p.m. Eastern time on that date. Print and sign the application in red ink and mail or deliver it to the arts council, with any required documents and supporting materials, in accordance with the program guidelines. The application and materials must be: 1) officially postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service, or 2) delivered by a shipping service (e.g., UPS, Federal Express, etc.) with a paid receipt on or before the deadline date, or 3) hand-delivered to the arts council office no later than 4:30 p.m. on the deadline date. If the arts council does not receive the printed and signed application with attachments by the due date via one of the three delivery options above, your application will be considered ineligible. Packages dated with internal postage meters and applications sent by FAX or email will not be accepted. Please be aware that your post office may not automatically use a dated postmark. It is highly recommended that you request hand cancellation with the date included. Please note that, due to postal regulations, all packages weighing more than 13 ounces must be given directly to a postal clerk at a post office, not dropped in a postal box.

Please note: You must include your IRS determination letter in order to complete your application.

Following the deadline, each application will be reviewed by the program director, who may contact the applicant if clarification is needed. Applicants will be notified by email/letter of their status in the application/panel process.

Accessing the Application

Click to download the application form. If you have Internet access and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®, you can open the application through the arts council’s website, fill it out and print the form using your computer. (Reader can be updated or downloaded free by visiting the Adobe website at

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number

The arts council requires all applicants to have a DUNS number. Dun & Bradstreet keeps track of more than 70 million businesses worldwide through its Data Universal Numbering System. In recent years, the DUNS number has become increasingly important as an arts advocacy tool for both federal and local governments (e.g., the National Endowment for the Arts and the Kentucky Arts Council) and national arts organizations (e.g., Americans for the Arts). Organizations use data from DUNS number applications to demonstrate the power of the arts to stimulate economic activity and create jobs. To learn more about the DUNS number, click below to visit the Americans for the Arts website:

To apply for your free DUNS number, click below to access the
Dun & Bradstreet website:

Supporting Materials

Applicants may submit relevant supporting materials, such as letters of support, favorable reviews, sample programs, organizational brochures, subscription or membership brochures, videos, digital recordings to demonstrate quality of performing or visual arts, exhibition catalogs, etc.

It is recommended that supporting materials be limited to 15 pages/pieces of any combination of the above. Letters of support, reviews and other photocopied materials must be on standard-size (8 ½ x 11 inches), single-sided, white paper only. Applicants should carefully prioritize and select supporting materials. Excessive supporting materials will not be forwarded for panel review.

All supporting materials submitted should be clearly labeled with the applicant's name and explanation of the material's significance.

Supporting materials will not be returned.

Panel Meeting

A panel of arts professionals and other individuals with relevant experience will review all applications according to the performance expectations. Please be aware that panels are comprised of individuals from both inside and outside Kentucky who may be unfamiliar with the state's organizations, artists and/or communities.

The arts council conducts an open panel review process for this program. This means that applicants and other interested people may, and are encouraged to, monitor the panel meeting and listen to the panelists' deliberations via conference call. The arts council will send notification of panel dates and conference call arrangements to applicants after the application deadline.

Arts Council Board Meeting

The panel's recommendations are forwarded to the arts council's governing board for approval.

Grant Agreements

Applicants that receive a favorable recommendation enter into an agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Agreements cannot be altered without prior approval from the arts council's appropriate program manager. Grantees are required to promptly notify the arts council in writing of any changes in their grant activity. If grantees do not notify the arts council about changes before they file a public value report, future funding will be jeopardized. Grants are for the period specified in the approved application. Funds must be spent or committed for activities taking place within the period stated unless an extension has been approved in writing. Funds spent before the period starts are not eligible and must not be included in the budget.

Funds granted must be expended solely for the activities described in the approved application, unless specific approval has been received in writing. Any funds granted but not spent must be returned to the arts council at the conclusion of the grant period.

Grant agreements must be signed and returned within 30 days, and grant funds must be dispersed by the arts council by June 30, 2019. Funds are not available after this time.

Public Value Reports

All arts council grantees must submit a public value report within 30 days of completion of the grant period. The public value report form may be accessed through the Kentucky Arts Council’s website.

If a grantee fails to submit the required public value report for any grant, the arts council will accept no future applications from the grantee organization until an acceptable public value report is received.


Applicants may appeal adverse grant decisions if they can demonstrate any of the following:

Applicants must initiate a formal appeal within 30 calendar days of the date of the award-notification letter of the arts council's decision. Upon receipt of this award-notification letter, applicants should first consult with the program director to review the considerations that went into the arts council decision. If, after such consultation, applicants wish to pursue an appeal, they must do so in writing to the arts council's executive director. If applicants are unable to consult with the program director within the time limitation, the applicants must still submit a written appeal, postmarked within the 30-day period.

In the executive director's response to a formal appeal, a deadline date for submission of all material supporting the appeal will be established. No such deadline date will be set earlier than seven days or later than 21 days from the date of the executive director's letter. Failure by applicants to meet any deadline date in the appeals process will result in the loss of the right to appeal.

An ad hoc committee of members of the arts council board will review all appeals. Should the committee recommend a change in the applicant's funding, the arts council board at its next regular or special meeting shall act upon the committee's recommendations. The ruling of the arts council board shall be the last administrative remedy, and there shall be no further right of appeal.

For More Information

The arts council welcomes all questions regarding this program and application. For more information, please contact:

Tamara Coffey
Individual Artist Director

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