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You will find many helpful tips on the National Poetry Out Loud page, but here are a few we have gleaned for you.

In order to have a great performance:

  1. Find at least two poems you love. (If you want to compete at the state or national levels — choose three!) Here is the link to this year's eligible poems. Remember that to be eligible for the state competition you are required to recite at least one poem written before the 20th century and one that is 25 lines or fewer. You can use one poem to fulfill both criteria.

  2. Memorize your poems. Think about their meanings as you recite. For great tips on what the judges will be looking for, visit this link.

  3. Watch the Kentucky Arts Council's YouTube videos from past state finals. Here is a link to our Poetry Out Loud playlist.

  4. Have fun! Reciting poetry can be an enjoyable, meaningful experience. Share your passion with family and friends!

Last updated: August 2, 2018
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