TranspARTation Grant Guidelines

FY2017 Guidelines
Application Deadlines:
Sept. 11, 2017

The Kentucky Arts Council strongly encourages you to read and understand the TranspARTation Grant guidelines before accessing the online application.

Like all programs of the Kentucky Arts Council, the TranspARTation Grant is guided by the arts council’s core values. Successful applications will embody these core values, and all applicants are strongly encouraged to read and reflect upon them before submitting an application.

Core Values of the Kentucky Arts Council

Program Purpose

The purpose of the TranspARTation Grant is to provide schools with assistance for transportation costs associated with visiting arts organizations.


To increase student access to high quality arts education programming and experiences.

Who May Apply

Any Kentucky school, public or private, which supports grades pre-K through 12, may apply.

Program Description

This grant program enables Kentucky teachers and schools to provide their students with high quality arts experiences by providing transportation funding to programming provided by organizations in the TranspARTation Directory. Schools may apply for a grant based on the mileage from their building to the facility and the number of buses necessary.

Note: The TranspARTation Grant is a reimbursement program. Approved awards will not be paid until the field trip has been completed and the final report has been submitted.

TranspARTation Directory

Funds may only be used to travel to the arts organizations listed below. It is recommended that you discuss your visit with the organization before submitting your application to confirm the availability and terms of the trip.

Performance Expectations

Your application will be reviewed using the following performance expectations. You may wish to refer to the Panelist Assessment Sheet to better understand how your narrative will be evaluated.

  1. Planning and Implementation (45%)
  1. Assessment and Feedback (35%)
  1. Accessibility (20%)

Grant Amounts

Funding formula: Roundtrip mileage from school to facility x $2.00 x number of buses = reimbursement amount (e.g. 55 miles roundtrip x $2.00 x 3 buses = $330).


How to Apply

Program Timeline

Applications will be reviewed three times per year and funds will be available for use during the period specified in the chart below. Applicants will receive notification as soon as possible following the board meeting. Final reports are due 30 days after the field trip.

Online Application Deadline Postmark deadline for PDF Review of applications
by panel
Arts Council board
reviews panel
Field trip
must be between
Aug. 15, 2016 Aug. 16, 2016 Aug. 2016 Sept. 2016 Oct. 1, 2016 -
June 30, 2017
Nov. 15, 2016 Nov. 16, 2016 Nov. 2016 Dec. 2016 Jan. 1 -
June 30, 2017

Application Deadline

Completed applications must be submitted via the Kentucky Arts Council’s online application system by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time by the deadline stated above. Upon online submission, the PDF version of the application will be available on your Member Page. Print and sign the PDF in red ink and mail it to the arts council by the deadline stated above, with any required documents and supporting materials, in accordance with the program guidelines. The PDF version of the application must be: 1) officially postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service, or 2) delivered by a shipping service (e.g., UPS, Federal Express, etc.) with a paid receipt on or before the deadline date, or 3) hand-delivered to the arts council office no later than 4:30 p.m. Eastern time on the deadline date. If the arts council does not receive the printed and signed application with attachments by the deadline date via one of the three delivery options above, your application will be considered ineligible. Packages dated with internal postage meters and applications sent by FAX or email will not be accepted. Please be aware that your post office may not automatically use a dated postmark. It is highly recommended that you request hand cancellation with the date included. Please note that, due to postal regulations, all packages weighing more than 13 ounces must be given directly to a postal clerk at a post office, not dropped in a postal box.

NOTE: An application will not be considered eligible until both the electronically submitted KASOL application and the printed, signed copy of the application PDF have been received by the Kentucky Arts Council according to the deadlines stated above.

Accessing the Online Application

Applications for this program are made through Kenucky Arts Services OnLine (KASOL) located at Be sure to file your username and password in an accessible place to ensure that you can access your account later.

If you need assistance with your username and password, contact Tammie Williams, grants manager, at 888-833-2787 or

You must have an IRS tax-exempt determination letter from your school district in order to complete your application. The letter can be obtained from your district finance contact or your principal. It simply states that your school is an educational institution and nonprofit. You must include with your application one copy of the school's 503(c)(3) tax-exempt document or a letter signed by school district board of education indicating the tax-exempt status. A sample letter is available from the arts council staff upon request.

In addition, you must have the federal identification number (FEIN) and DUNS number for your school or district. The school administrative assistant will have access to the number. In Kentucky, the FEIN number always begins with "61-."

Program Support

The arts council staff will offer the following support to ensure that performance expectations and goals are met:

Panel Meeting

A panel of educators, arts professionals and other individuals with relevant experience will assess all applications according to the performance expectations.

Arts Council Board Meeting

The panel's recommendations are forwarded to the arts council's governing board for approval.

Grant Agreements

Applicants who receive a favorable panel recommendation enter into an agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. An award letter and Grant Agreement Form (GAF) will be sent to your superintendent specifying the date of the field trip, the venue to be visited, and amount approved. Agreements cannot be altered without prior approval from the appropriate arts council program director. Grantees are to promptly notify the arts council in writing of any changes in their grant activity (e.g. field trip date change, etc.). If grantees do not notify the arts council about changes before they file a final report, funding will be jeopardized. Grants are for the period specified in the approved application. Funds are committed for activities taking place within the period stated unless an extension has been approved in writing. Funds spent before the period starts are not eligible and must not be included in the budget.

Grant Agreements must be signed and returned within 30 days of receipt so that funds may be allocated to your project.

Note: In the event that school is closed on a day or days of the scheduled field trip, every attempt should be made to reschedule a make-up day or days. Please notify the arts council immediately upon encountering the need to reschedule.

Final Report and Reimbursement

All TranspARTation grantees must submit a final report within 30 days of the field trip. The person submitting the final report will be asked to verify the date the field trip was taken and the number of buses used. If the number of buses is less than the number specified on the application, the grant amount will be reduced accordingly. For example, if your approved grant amount was $600 based on anticipated use of three buses, but the use of only two buses was needed then the grant amount would be reduced to $400.

Reimbursement checks will be processed and mailed within 30 working days upon receipt of the final report, if the GAF has also been received.

Failure to submit the required final report for any grant will render your school ineligible for application to any arts council program until an acceptable final report is received.


There are no appeals in this program.

For More Information

The arts council welcomes all questions regarding this program and application. For more information, please contact:

Jean St. John
Arts Education Director
888-833-2787 (toll free)


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