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Dec. 2011 Featured Artist: Lu Fuller

Lu Fuller I can’t imagine my life without painting. Since I was a little girl growing up on a farm near Maysville I’ve been obsessed with drawing and painting. So much so that my parents enrolled me in the correspondence art course by Art Instruction, Inc located in Minneapolis. Imagine a seventh grader doing art lessons meant for adults. Since my grade school and high school offered no art instruction, I wanted to be ready to major in art in college. My parents believed in me enough to help me pursue my dream. I’m so grateful and love them even more for that.

When I was within three weeks of graduation from the University of Kentucky, I interviewed with Hallmark Cards. I showed my portfolio of work and upon graduation I was off to Kansas City.

I loved designing cards for Hallmark, but I still painted after work - things that I wanted to paint: my mother’s garden, the farm, my family and the area where I grew up. I hoped that someday I would return to the farm that I loved so much and paint the area again, and in 1998 I did.

I hope my paintings express the joy I feel every time I put color on paper. I feel blessed to get the opportunity to go home again and paint the places and things that mean so much to me.

Lu Fuller
Kentucky Farm Studio

Maysville, Ky.



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