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March 2013 Featured Artist: Don Ament


Inspiration. Where does it come from?

Don Ament Two years ago I was invited to be one of several artists to design large banner flags for Lexington's brand new Legacy Trail. I was tasked with designing five flags, two feet wide and 12 feet tall each. That's a rather extreme ratio of 1:6.

As I worked with my designs on the computer, seeing those long, skinny images take form, the thought occurred to me that I might apply that same extreme ratio to my own photography and see what might come of it.

Two years later, that thought has brought a transformation to my work. I am now exploring many avenues of creating what I call Strip Pix. Combining multiple panels into cohesive works of art gives the eye and brain something new to look at.

The new direction even required that I invent a new way to hang the Strip Pix. I developed a floating, magnetic hanging system to make installation a breeze with perfect alignment of any number of panels. New possibilities await, new images beckon to be "stripped.” Nice.

Don Ament
Lexington, Ky.



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