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Aug. 2013 Featured Artist: Jerry Hollon

Jerry Hollon Much like in the practice of yoga, we always strive to improve. The same applies to my approach to fine woodworking. Although my background includes formal education in woodworking and many hours at the workbench, I am continually striving to improve.

During the past couple of years, I have developed what I call "Kentucky's finest cutting boards." All of the skills and techniques that I have developed over the years can be seen in the pieces that I produce.

Using only locally grown and harvested Appalachian hardwoods, each work is a genuine piece of Kentucky that showcases the best grain, figure and color variations the natural wood has to offer. Combining the unique features of the wood with designs that are correctly balanced and aesthetically pleasing is a way to honor the wood. I aspire to produce art that is functional and pleasing to the eye.

Jerry Hollon
Richmond, Ky.

Telephone: 859-626-8409



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