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Jan. 2014 Featured Artist: Amelia Stamps


Amelia Stamps carving tiles for a commission.With every new year comes a wave of renewal. Show season has yet to begin and there is time to create anew in the studio and in my own life. I find myself spending more time meditating on natural beauty to inspire and direct my focus.

I recently finished designing and carving a tile mural commission. With this commission I was able to reconnect with drawing and carving skills that sometimes lay dormant during my production schedule. Working in this way has inspired a series of hand-carved porcelain tiles that stem from the same vein as my functional pottery line—whimsical and graceful, yet practical. In this series I brought together natural elements, such as flowers and vines, into the relief. I used a variety of translucent glazes, from light blues to ambers, representing soothing ocean and river waters.

It is my hope that my love of nature and beauty translates in my work and offers an object that “feels good.” Just as in nature, beautiful objects have the power to inspire and replenish your spirit. I love that nature and art have the ability to slow us down and to reflect on what is important in life. It is in the fine details that beauty is present.

Amelia Stamps
Lexington, Ky.

Telephone: 859-447-1277
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