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July 2014 Featured Artist:
Bruce Robert Frank


Bruce Frank creating his photographic 
    digital art with a graphic tablet and computer.Art came early in my life; beginning in grade school, I constantly drew pictures of my friends and family, and cartoons I admired. I thought I might want to become a cartoonist – one-panel illustrated humor along the lines of Charles Addams. This interest in the visual arts eventually led to a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts in photography from Florida State University.

When I first began making photographic images in the early 70s, I drew on the surface of matte photo paper with colored pencils, made prints on sheet film, then backpainted them and created sculptural work. In the style of Claes Oldenberg, I stretched canvas over thick layers of cardboard, attaching hand-colored photos to the surface. I also explored photoetching—creating monoprints using various colors of ink. These were very tactile methods of producing photographic art. Although I don't pursue those techniques today, there is a vestige of conventional printmaking in my work. I use archival matte papers that allow me to sign my prints in the traditional manner, with a pencil.

Growing up in south Florida, I was always fascinated by the vibrant colors and sensual forms of nature and began working with botanical subject matter in the mid-90s. Most recently I've begun incorporating koi and butterfly images, integrating them into compositions that include palms, flowers and leaf structures.

My creative process involves taking a photograph, transferring it to the computer and manipulating it digitally. I find it liberating since I can experiment with several concepts on one digital “canvas” without losing my previous work. New ideas for moving pixels around the canvas come to me each time I work on a new piece. The creative process — the discovery moment of an image moving in an unexpected direction — is something that inspires me to continue to produce my images.

I've been a juried participant in the Kentucky Arts Council's Kentucky Crafted Program since 2005. This has, and continues to be, a rewarding experience for me personally and professionally. It has helped me refine my career goals as an artist, through exhibition opportunities, art marketing seminars and personal encouragement.

Bruce Robert Frank
Bruce Robert Frank Contemporary Art

Georgetown, Ky.

Telephone: 859-396-2624


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