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Dec. 2014 Featured Artist:
Carrie Blackburn


Carrie Blackburn in her 
    studio completing a wax model.Even when I was really young, I was always making things. A photo in National Geographic or an episode of Star Trek would come along and immediately launch my imagination into a faraway place. I'd wander through that fantasy land and then return to the "real" world, always asking more questions. As I wrapped my mind around a new idea, in order to really grasp it, it helped if I could wrap my hands around it as well. From this practice I found ways to construct everything from botanical cellular structures to miniature solar systems, all with gusto. In mere moments, I could obscure the entire floor of my room with the debris of understanding, with paper, scissors and glue.

Thirty years later, those early impulses are still at the core of who I am and what I do. I look for things that surprise and excite me: deep-sea documentaries, books of macro photography about pollen, interviews with Neil deGrasse Tyson on unsolved mysteries of the cosmos. After pondering and daydreaming through a myriad of "what ifs" and "I wonder hows" I get the familiar urge to make something—a model to get the idea out of my head and into my hands. The process of lost-wax casting has replaced my original tools; I’ve traded paper for thin wax sheets, upgraded scissors to precision carving sets, and exchanged glue for soldering equipment. Despite the changes in method, the results are very similar. When the chaos of creation subsides, I am astonished that I have in front of me something real, a gleaming piece of silver jewelry that captures the essence of each discovery.

I love taking these pieces to shows, watching passers-by stop mid-stride to reach out and touch them. I recognize their curious looks and prepare to answer the same questions I’ve always loved to ask. Sharing the story of how each piece came to exist suddenly brings the distant world of inspiration into sharp focus and literally places the otherworldly in hand.

Carrie Blackburn
Silver Smitten

432 S. Main St.
Winchester, Ky.

Telephone: 859-771-1195


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