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May 2015 Featured Artist: Elsie Kay Harris


Elsie working at her easel 
    in her studio surrounded by unfinished canvases.A long time ago I began to be inspired by the earth and what she has to offer us in terms of direction, motivation, inspiration and the wealth of creativity. As a child I would wander into the woods to sit on a hilltop and just be, see, feel.

And I began to realize that everything we see, smell, are, own, buy, sell, produce, eat, wear, house, decorate and work on, comes from the earth.


That is a profound thing.

At about the same time, I was drawing images for people who wanted things like bugs, and trees and flowers for certain projects. I found I loved doing that and hoped one day I could become an artist.

Later, while painting the traditional landscape, I found I needed for my work to be my work with my colors and my composition.

So I started several years ago holing up for two to four weeks at a time in a cabin in West Virginia experimenting with these things. My intention was not to shock, but to push the images to the limit with color and composition. I wanted to express the vitality of this globe that we are all a part of so maybe others could see what I saw — the beauty of the thing.

Years later, the earth still amazes me for the wealth she gives us all. And I am still inspired.

Elsie Harris
Lexington, Ky.

Telephone: 859-254-6050


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