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May/June 2016 Featured Artist:
Diane Earle


Diane Earle Diane Earle has been studying piano for more than half a century. On March 27, 1965, she first learned where middle C is on the keyboard.

Smiles from audiences around the world are the priceless rewards Diane Earle cherishes when she plays the piano. The piano has taken her to many exotic places, from the terra-cotta warriors of Xian, China (where she met Secretary of State John Kerry), to Rome, Italy (where she enjoys eating fabulous spaghetti after her annual concerts).

Having performed many concert tours in Asia, Europe, the Bahamas, as well as more than 30 American states, she loves meeting people, helping students and seeing breathtaking scenery.

Diane has played the piano since age six, and last year celebrated the 50th anniversary of her first piano lesson. Diane’s mother always wanted to play the piano and, along with Diane’s father, encouraged Diane in her lessons, even sitting with her in early practice sessions to help with counting. Diane’s mother had kept a journal entry of the date of Diane’s first piano lesson, March 27, 1965, when she learned the location of middle C on the keyboard. Now Diane’s parents are 85, still cheer her on, and her father recently commented that “all the lessons paid off!”

Diane enjoys bringing souvenirs to her parents when she travels on concert tours, sharing pictures and telling stories of her travel experiences. The piano and her parents have been two constants in her life. Two of her students from China followed her back to America to continue study with her. Her Artist in Residence position at Kentucky Wesleyan allows her to combine her two loves: playing piano and teaching. She hopes to impart the same encouragement and love of music to her students that her parents and teachers gave to her.

Diane Earle
Owensboro, Ky.


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