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Sept./Oct. 2018 Featured Artist:
Patricia Ritter


Patricia RitterPat Ritter is a member of the Kentucky Arts Council’s adjudicated Teaching Artist and Kentucky Crafted directories. She is also a member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.
Although I always loved to draw, and was encouraged to do so as a child, I didn't consider art as a career growing up. But creating art in one form or another has always been important to me. I worked full-time and took dance classes at night and a few evening classes in sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. My first real camera was purchased at a pawn shop and I learned to develop film in my bathroom. When I moved to Kentucky in the 1970s someone gave me a set of watercolors they were discarding and I began painting. Those first few paintings won prizes at art fairs and suddenly my eyes were opened to being an artist! I traveled on the arts and craft circuit doing shows such as the St. James Court Art Show in Louisville and traveling to shows in Indianapolis, North Carolina and Florida. I entered exhibits and showed works at venues like the Speed Museum and the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. As a self-taught artist I found myself growing and learning at every step.

Moving from the city to live in rural south central Kentucky opened up the world of nature for me – the beauty of the hills and hollows, the fields, streams and waterways. I love history and old architecture and much of my early work was of buildings in Lexington and Louisville. I would also return to my home in the woods to photograph and paint the trees and creeks.

Being juried into the Teaching Artist roster of the Kentucky Arts Council around 1996 was a blessing as I began doing residencies in schools and communities, giving me opportunities to share what I had learned with students of all ages. I am also a juried participant in the Kentucky Crafted Program and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. In addition to selling my art through my website, galleries and exhibitions, I have created large scale murals and public art projects in my community.

In addition to watercolors and photography, I also work in pastels and combine those with watercolors to create vibrant works. I use bright colors and deep shadows and my work can be described as realistic and most of my subject matter continues to be nature-based. My watercolors aren't particularly watery but instead tight and controlled as I usually draw everything out carefully before I begin painting. I was commissioned to do a large watercolor for a hospital a few years ago and my art can be found in numerous hospitals and healing centers, including University of Kentucky HealthCare Clinics in Lexington, St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, the Owensboro Health complexes, and facilities in Georgia, Virginia and Ohio, as well as in collections across the state. It's an honor to share my view of the world with others through my art.

Patricia Ritter
Burkesville, Kentucky

Telephone: 270-433-5605


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