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George Halitzka


Yolantha Harrison-Pace
George Halitzka has brought more than 750 high-energy performances to 80,000 children and teens in Kentucky and beyond.
George Halitzka is the artistic director of Louisville-based educational theater company Drama by George. You can call him a theater artist, writer or educator, but first and foremost he’s a storyteller.

George believes wholeheartedly in the power of a well-told story to delight, engage and transform. He's brought more than 750 high-energy performances to 80,000 children and teens as an actor and storyteller, performing throughout Kentucky and beyond at schools, community centers and just about every place that youth gather. George has also taught hundreds of drama workshops to thousands of people, from kids who have never been onstage before to seasoned adult actors.

As a produced and published playwright, George’s works are available from, Christian Publishers and Foundry Publishing. His plays have been performed hundreds of times by schools and theaters worldwide.

George is a member of the Kentuckiana Cultural Consortium, the Arts and Culture Alliance of Louisville and the Kentucky Arts Council’s Teaching Artists Directory. Whatever the setting, George works to deliver high-quality dramatic presentations that are full of fun, energy and hope!

Artist's statement:

My mission as an arts educator is to grow students with compassion and character through the power of stories. In other words, I’m passionate about using the arts to transform students with social emotional learning (SEL) in a way that engages and delights them.

Sometimes, the transformational power of SEL is the primary goal, as in my “Real Life Drama” artist residency. I use role-playing and the toolkit of sociodrama to equip teens with conflict resolution skills. Another example is my “Bully Games” presentation, where storytelling and interactive learning come together to help students internalize the values of empathy and bullying prevention.

In other programs, my stated goal may be to build theater skills or produce a play, but student transformation still happens indirectly. That’s because theatrical rehearsals inherently build life skills. Kids can’t help increasing their self-discipline, teamwork skills, creativity and confidence as they bring a play to life with their peers.

I’m passionate about developing arts education programs that build SEL skills. Yes, that’s partly because SEL has the power to equip students for better lives. But more importantly, it’s because SEL empowers students to help make life better for their peers and families through empathy, respect and kindness.


George Halitzka
Louisville, Ky.

Phone: 502-718-5090