Showcasing the Arts


The Makings of a Master:
Kentucky Folk Art Videos

Kentucky is filled with folk traditions, old and new, from basket makers and banjo players to dancers and drummers. Explore the relationships between master folk artists and their apprentices and the culture they share through art, video interviews, live concerts and demonstrations. This exhibit celebrates over 20 years of apprenticeships funded and documented by the Kentucky Arts Council.



  1. Chinese traditional dance – Cheryl Pan, Lexington

  2. Thumbpicking guitar – Eddie Pennington, Princeton

  3. Square dance calling – Charlie Whitaker, Blackey

  4. Traditional fiddling – Roger Cooper, Garrison

  5. Drumming and drum making – Ed White, Louisville

  6. Basket making – Leona Waddell, Cecilia

  7. Traditional banjo playing – Blanche Coldiron, Dry Ridge

  8. Alfombras de semana santa – Jose Neil Donis, Shelbyville

  9. Willow furniture making – George Beard, Murray

  10. Dulcimer making – Doug Naselroad, Hindman

  11. Quilting – Patricia Brennan, Ft. Thomas



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