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2020 Governor's Awards in the Arts



2020 Governor's Awards in the Arts award

The 2020 Governor's Awards in the Arts are made by Hopkinsville artist Willie Rascoe from reclaimed cherry wood.

The Commonwealth’s most prestigious arts awards honor Kentucky individuals, businesses and organizations that make significant contributions to the arts in the state. Governor’s Awards in the Arts recipients exemplify a diversity of accomplishments in all areas of the arts as well as the irreplaceable value of those contributions to the state’s communities, educational environment and economy. The combined achievements and contributions of this year’s esteemed group of recipients demonstrate the many ways that citizens of Kentucky uphold the tradition of creating a rich cultural legacy.

The Milner Award was established in 1977 in honor of B. Hudson Milner, a Louisville utility executive and civic leader, whose contributions to the arts in Kentucky remain important to this day. The Milner Award is presented to individual Kentucky residents or organizations located in Kentucky for outstanding philanthropic, artistic or other contributions to the arts. The Milner Award is the most prestigious of the Governor’s Awards in the Arts.

The Artist Award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in the arts by an artist in any discipline who is a resident of Kentucky.

The Business Award honors a Kentucky business or business person for outstanding interest in and support of the arts.

The Community Arts Award is awarded to a Kentucky individual or organization that has made a positive impact on the community through the arts.

The Education Award for significant contributions to the arts in education is awarded to a Kentucky individual, school or organization.

The Folk Heritage Award is presented to an individual resident of Kentucky, an organization located in Kentucky, or an individual or organization closely related to Kentucky that has made an outstanding effort to perpetuate and promote Kentucky’s unique artistic traditions.

The Government Award for significant support for the arts through government action is awarded to a Kentucky son or daughter, an individual Kentucky resident or an agency located in Kentucky.

The Media Award honors a Kentucky journalist or a media organization in Kentucky that has shown outstanding commitment to bringing the arts to the attention of the public.

The National Award is awarded to a Kentucky son or daughter who has achieved national acclaim in the arts.


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