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Kentucky’s “Where I’m From”:
A Poetry of Place

Where I'm From

The “Where I’m From” project, presented by the Kentucky Arts Council and Kentucky Poet Laureate 2015-2016 George Ella Lyon, ended December 31, 2016. The arts council is no longer accepting submissions, but continues to maintain the project page and poems that were submitted by the project deadline.

A national “I Am From” project, presented by George Ella Lyon and writer/educator Julie Landsman, collects “I Am From” poems, photos, audio, video and other artistic expressions. For more information and to submit your interpretation of “I Am From,” go to

“Where I’m From” activity ideas

  • Host a reading and include audio, video and musical interpretations of the poems.

  • Produce a “Where I’m From” poetry slam and encourage students and young adults to participate.

  • Develop a webpage that includes community poems in written, audio and video formats.

  • Make a chapbook of written poems to distribute at the county fair, library, schools, extension office, etc.

  • Exchange poetry readings from a high school classroom to a middle school classroom and vice versa.

  • Bring together senior citizens from a senior center or nursing home and students from middle and high schools to share and discuss their poems with each other.

  • Arrange to have the local newspaper, radio station or cable access channel include poems from the community.

  • Invite the community to share and write new poems at a potluck dinner.

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