The arts council is not currently accepting
Specialists with Arts Tactics (SWAT)
consultancy applications.
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Arts Education Consultants —
Specialists With Arts Tactics (SWAT)

What is it?

Arts education professionals who are available to provide three- to six-hour consultancies to assist schools and districts in policy writing, including an arts plan in the CSIP/CDIP, curriculum alignment with the Arts and Humanities Program Review based on the Kentucky Core Academic Standards in the Arts and Humanities, developing performance assessments and integrating the arts across the curriculum. Consultancy fees are paid by the Kentucky Arts Council.

Who’s eligible?

Any Kentucky public or private school or district that supports grades P–12.

What’s the deadline to apply?

Applications are accepted year round and should be submitted at least 30 days before the preferred date of the consultancy. Applicants can be awarded two consultancies per year.

How do I apply?

  1. Carefully review the program guidelines.

  2. Complete the application form. (Temporarily closed to new applicants.)

If I receive a consultancy, what are my responsibilities?

  1. Contact the recommended consultant to arrange the consultancy.
  2. Clarify with the consultant your expectations for the consultancy.
  3. Provide the consultant with any materials needed beforehand, if asked.
  4. Cover the consultant’s expenses related to travel, meals and lodging (if necessary) as well as any incidental expenses (e.g. photocopying, postage, equipment rental, etc.) as agreed to in advance.
  5. Submit a client evaluation form at the end of the consultancy.

If I have questions, who can help me?

Jean St. John
Arts Education Director
888-833-2787 (toll free)
502-564-8110, ext. 476


Kentucky Arts Council